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Please say nice things about this blog to the ABA

Dear readers,

The American Bar Association is asking people to tell it what law-related blogs are good.* If you like this blog, I would very-much appreciate it if you would say something nice to the ABA about it. The ABA puts together a list of the 100 law-related blogs in the country that it thinks are funny, cool, or reflect good parenting by the blogger’s Mom and Dad. These blogs are crowned the best blogs in the country.

Much like The Onion’s campaign to win a Pulitzer Price, I suspect my quest for honor may not be rewarded. At least I didn’t ask Tom Hanks to do a YouTube video.

Here is the link to say nice things about a blog to the ABA. The deadline’s September 9, 2011, which is Friday (the day after tomorrow)

If you don’t like this blog, please feel free to send me an email telling me why (yes, you can use profanity). You can email me here.

Ok, that’s enough self-promotion in one day for a guy raised in Iowa.

* Many in this world call a law-related blog a “blawg”, including the ABA. I don’t, mainly because the phrase sounds, to my ear exactly like “blog.” When I try to say it out loud so that there is a difference in the way it sounds compared to “blog”, the word feels too chewy to me — like a raisin stuffed with cold oatmeal. But far be it for me to tell you, or the ABA, how to refer to a law-related blog. Use the language any way you’d like.

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