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Assistant Federal Defender Job Opening In Milwaukee

Dear Reader:

If you read this blog, you’re likely interested in federal criminal defense work. If you’re interested in federal criminal defense work and, like many Americans, you’re looking for a job, I thought it would be helpful to pass along a job announcement.

668360_milwakee_skyline.jpgThe Executive Director of Federal Defender Services of Wisconsin, Dan Stiller, is looking for an Assistant Federal Defender. Here’s a link to the announcement.

Dan has a clear and strong vision for a first-class office. As the description says, the office is “chasing greatness.” Some day the Federal Defenders in Wisconsin may be one of the premier federal defender offices in the country, up there with Jon Sands’ office in Arizona, the office in Miami, A.J. Kramer’s office in D.C., or Jim Wyda’s office in Maryland. (And, yes, I’ve left many excellent offices off that list). This could be a good chance to get in on the excellence early.

The position closes March 31, 2012 – so if you’re interested, hurry.

If you’re interested and you apply after seeing this, mention it in your cover letter — it can’t hurt your application that much.

Added Bonus – The office in Wisconsin is a community defender office. Instead of being a government agency (or a part of one) it’s a nonprofit corporation that receives federal money. That means that you wouldn’t be an Assistant Federal Public Defender, but, rather, an Assistant Federal Defender – arguably that’s a cooler title. And, if you’re a libertarian, I suppose it would be more ideologically comfortable to not be a government employee.

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