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A very moving hearing in federal court in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, two police officers have been shot. Federal Prosecutors have brought charges against the man who allegedly bought the gun that was used to shot the officers because, according to the AUSA, he “purchased a firearm that was not for himself, it was for another person who was not legally able to have that firearm or purchase that firearm on their own.”

The man initial appearance in federal court was yesterday and his family cried during the hearing. By way of explanation, the man’s defense lawyer said, “they are sorry for what happened to the officers. Their thoughts are with the officers and the officers’ families.”

It’s very moving that at the time of man’s first appearance in federal court, his family was so very moved by concern for the families of those police officers.

If you have questions about how federal criminal charges are different than state criminal charges, please visit this page on Maryland federal criminal charges.

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