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A Request for Help – Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers, Come Write With Me

This blog used to be great. It was a useful tool for those of us in the trenches of defending people accused of crimes in federal court.

Alas – my workload has been such that the blog has slipped as a priority. (Also I’ve been writing over at Above the Law).

For that reason, and at the suggestion of a former reader, I’m asking for help.

typewriter-1-1530257.jpgIf you’re a criminal defense lawyer practicing in one of the circuits and would like to take responsibility for updating this page with the federal defense wins from one of the circuits, please send me an email.

I would imagine there are circuits where this wouldn’t be too onerous. The Fifth Circuit, for example, would not probably not be heavy lifting.

Folks who join the team will get credit and attribution on the blog and thanks. All of the glory that comes with writing a blog on federal criminal appellate law can be yours. And if you decide to write here, and happen to find yourself in Washington, D.C., I’d be willing to buy you almost an entire beer.

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