November 26, 2013

Short Wins - Blog 100 Announcement Edition

Gentle readers, the ABA has, for the third year in a row, said that this is one of the best legal blogs in the land. Thank you very much for writing in to the ABA to promote this blog and, I assume, bribe them.

2013_Blawg100Honoree_150x150.jpgHere's a list of all the ABA Blog 100 blogs. You can also vote for this blog in the criminal justice category.

This week, not counting the Migdal win we saw last week, there is but one win.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

To the victory!

1155650_berlin_siegessule.jpg1. United States v. Arreguin, Ninth Circuit: Appellant's motion to suppress evidence was denied by the District Court. The Ninth Circuit reversed and remanded, directing the trial court to grant the motion to suppress. The Ninth Circuit found that the agents could not have an objective reasonable belief that a houseguest had apparent authority to consent to a search, the government's protective sweep argument was waived, and the plain view doctrine does not apply.

Defense Attorney: Nicholas F. Reyes

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